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best guttering liverpoolIf you are looking for Liverpool guttering services, you have come to the right place. Gutters are an important part of your house because they collect and divert rain rainwater away from your foundation. If you are living in Liverpool, without good working gutters the rainwater can fall directly down along your foundation walls. This can cause problems over time eroding some of the soil or undermining the foundation entirely. If that happens, you will be talking tens of thousands of dollars to repair. It can also lead to flooding of your basement or crawl space if you have one. So having your gutters repaired or doing a full gutter replacement can end up being a relatively inexpensive way to protect your house, inside and out.


Hire Professional Liverpool Guttering Services

guttering workersRepairing your own gutter can be dangerous, but it is not too difficult and it does require some tools that you will need to purchase or borrow. We recommend getting in touch with us contact us your local guttering professional in Liverpool. Rather than attempt such a job on your own.

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How To Replace A Gutter?

The first thing you need to do is to measure the sections of roof you need to replace your gutters on and draw a rough layout. Repairing or replacing gutters in Liverpool professionally by us, means you will get longer lengths of gutter. That means you will get less joins in your gutter per run. The reason why this is best, is because it is one solid piece without any unnecessary joins or areas where water can leak through and drip. Hardware stores usually sell guttering in zincalume or colourbond in various colours in limited lengths, so you are either going to be stuck with sections in that length to join together, or you are going to have to get your gutter made. By using your local Liverpool guttering supplier you can get the exact lengths made and delivered directly to you.

What Do I Need To Fix My Guttering?

What Do I Need To Fix Guttering?

Depending on what layout you have, you are going to need to get various components including.

  • End caps,
  • External and internal corners,
  • Down pipe connections,
  • 45 degree elbows,
  • Gutter brackets,
  • Fixing screws,
  • Downpipes
  • Gutter lengths.

This is where the pricing is going to increase and you may find that it will work out more affordable to have us do the job from start.

Check local Liverpool NSW guttering codes

When laying out your gutters plan to install your downpipes around every 12 metres you can also check local Liverpool guttering codes to make sure you have adequate spacing. In heavy downpours gutters in Liverpool can overflow causing damage to your house if you don’t install large enough downpipes. Summer thunderstorms in the Liverpool area drop a lot of water in a short amount of time so you need adequate downpipes to dispose of the water.

Advice on Gutter codes DOWNLOAD Install Guide PDF


Remove Your Old Gutters

old rusted gutterYou will need to remove your old gutters before you start to install your new gutters. If you have a tiled roof you will need to slide them back to enable you to remove the gutters. To get rid of the old gutters you will need to find a scrap dealer in Liverpool area.


Gutter Assembly

Next you can start to assemble your guttering on the measurements you took previously. At each corner you will need to join the lengths of gutter with a two piece angle. You can use a slip joint to connect two lengths of gutter where one piece of gutter will not reach the full length, use silicone sealer (available at any Liverpool Hardware stores) to join the gutter. This can be very difficult to make it water tight if not done properly and they can also become a really weak point of the gutter if they don't overlap enough.

Cut Back The Guttering

What you can do is cut back a few inches on the lip of the gutter and slide the other gutter inside in the direction you want the water to shed. The piece that you cut is always on the outside of the two pieces you are joining together. To secure the guttering together use a good amount of sealant.

Drill Holes in The Gutter

You can then drill holes and secure with a rivet gun. If you don't have a rivet gun, you can also buy gutter screws to secure the pieces together. two screws on each side at the top work well for holding them together. It gives the gutter more strength and because the guttering over laps you have a watertight seal. To cut the gutter to length first mark a 45 degree line from the back of the gutter to the bead of the gutter, then use a metal saw or angle grinder to make the cut. The angle grinder makes a nicer cut and is preferable for the finished look.

Install Gutter Caps

Liverpool guttering professionals on the roofAt the ends of the gutters you will need to install the gutter caps. They come in left and right ends, to install them use a generous amount of sealant then slide them on the end. Use a rivet gun to hold the caps in place. This tool puts a rivet through the two pieces of metal to hold them together.

If you don't have one, you can buy a rivet gun and rivets from any Liverpool hardware store.


Install Downpipes

Finally, to install the downpipe connections there are a few different options you can use. You can get a premade downpipe nozzle. To attach these, you need to turn it upside down, draw the outline on the gutter and use a hole saw to cut the hole in the gutter. You may need to trim the hole with tinsnips to make the nozzle fit. The same thing applies to attaching the other pieces, make sure to add a lot of sealant and then use screws or rivets to hold it in place. You will need lengths of downpipes to connect your gutter outlets to your drainage points om the ground.

Gutter Installation

Now that the gutter is complete and you are on your way to putting up your new gutter in Liverpool, loosely space out the guttering brackets. The brackets hang under the front bead and slide over the back of the gutter, so trying to get the brackets to go under the front lip while on the house can be very difficult with the roof tiles in the way. It is best to do it on the ground before lifting and putting the gutter in place. Be sure not to hang the gutter to high, use a level on the roof to extend the roof edge out, the front of the gutter on the high side the front of the gutter on the high side should start just below that level and slope towards the down spout from there. One thing you can do to help you install your guttering in Liverpool is to set a nail and then use a string level and a chalk line to make sure you have a nice clean line to follow, so when you go to install the gutter you can just follow that line, or you can start at one end and use a four foot level as you go to make sure you keep the slope that you need. you want your gutter to shed water in the direction of the downpipe. A good rule is to have it drop about half an inch for every 3metres of guttering length. You need to maintain adequate slope so that water sheds towards the downpipe.

Secure The Guttering To The Fascia

Downpipe Liverpool nswTo secure the gutter to the fascia i slide the gutter brackets to one metre spacings and then screw them in place to timber fascia. It is a good idea to then test the function of the gutter system with a hose to make sure everything is watertight and there are no leaks before finishing off your Liverpool guttering.


Installing The Downpipes

Lastly, install the downpipes. Here you can use a combination of elbows to bring the downpipe back towards the exterior of the house then secure a length of downpipe down the length of the house with some strapping, called astrigals. At this point it is a good idea to add a rainwater collection system if you choose to or just make sure the water runs down and away from the foundations of your house or into your stormwater drainage lines. There is a lot to do when installing gutters and it can take a little bit of time. Like I mentioned previously, it is always best to leave the work to the professional Liverpool guttering services, but at least now you have a further understanding of what is involved in repairing and replacing your guttering system.